Kreimer's Karate voted the area's Best Martial Arts School for 2017!

The number one crime deterrent is the presence of armed, uniformed law enforcement officers. Athena Women backs the Blue.



  • Comfortable workout clothing that will allow you freedom of movement. (Because you will do both standing and ground techniques, you might prefer long clothing for your arms and legs for the ground work and have short sleeves and shorts underneath that you can switch to in order to keep cooler for punching and kicking drills.)
  • We have locker rooms where you can change (bring a padlock if you wish).
  • While training at Kreimer’s Karate Institute you will be barefoot.
  • You will be able to wear eyeglasses during most of your training.
  • Enthusiasm!

Please do not wear:

  • Jewelry, except plain wedding band.
  • If you have items not removable we will let you know whether you can safely practice with a training partner or striking pads.
  • Long fingernails: You will be striking pads and practicing with others.

Student executing disabling kick to the knee--realistic training that is not possible without our Athena padded suit.

You will drill this counterattack...

The sucker punch is one of the most common--and devastating--first strikes during an assault. It is also virtually impossible to block so you must act before an assailant throws this punch. We provide mental and physical training to help you avoid getting sucker punched.

Amusing 49 second video: This child gets an A for initiative!


Benefits Of Athena Women Training:

Experienced instructors focused on student goals

Mental and physical preparation to survive threatening situations

Endorsed by Law Enforcement Officers

Challenging but not overwhelming

Athena Women Self Defense Tip: Take simple steps to protect yourself from cyber criminals and stalkers. Our Athena Women Course Manual & Self-Protection Guide gives you easy and inexpensive or free steps to take to be private and secure online.​ Example: Your personal information (such as your home address) can be stolen if you use public Wi-Fi unless you're using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can set up a VPN in a matter of minutes on your mobile device. They are not all the same so our guide helps you choose a good one. This 100 page manual is complimentary to our students who pre-pay or complete our full seven-session course.

DOING ONE THING DIFFERENT: We give you the rare benefit of teaching you effective self defense techniques then letting you practice using them against our padded instructor in real-life attack situations. This is the way police train. Speaking of police, CLICK HERE for a review of this course by parents, one of whom is a law enforcement officer.

Next Class:  

Saturday, January 20th, 2-4PM. 

...a palm strike to attacker's solar plexus (vulnerable bundle of nerves).

Athena training is open to females age 12 and over.  Sign up when arriving for class. Classes operate on scheduled Saturdays, 2-4 PM (check the class date posting above or follow our Athena Women FB page's  Events).

Athena Women training takes place at Kreimer's Karate Institute, 1460 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD, 21702 (you get to our parking off Old Camp Road across from the Weis Market, or though the CVS entrance off West Patrick St.). Note: Online maps incorrectly place the studio right on West Patrick and a little too far east. The studio sits just behind the CVS that's located on the corner of West Patrick Street and Old Camp Road

See our MAP for a bird's eye view.