• Comfortable workout clothing that will allow you freedom of movement. (Because you will do both standing and ground techniques, you might prefer long clothing for your arms and legs for the ground work and have short sleeves and shorts underneath that you can switch to in order to keep cooler for punching and kicking drills.)
  • We have a locker room where you can change (bring a padlock if you wish).
  • While training at Kreimer’s Karate Institute you will be barefoot or in socks, as you choose.
  • You will be able to wear eyeglasses during most of your training.
  • Enthusiasm!

Please do not wear:

  • Jewelry, except plain wedding band.
  • If you have items not removable we will let you know whether you can safely practice with a training partner or striking pads.
  • Long fingernails: You will be striking pads and grappling with others.


Every woman should be empowered enough to not walk around in fear.

Palm strike to the attacker's solar plexus--a vulnerable bundle of nerves.

Benefits Of Training With Athena Women:

  • Experienced instructor focused on student goals

  • Mental and physical preparation to survive threatening situations

  • Endorsed by Law Enforcement Officers

  • Challenging but not overwhelming   

 NEXT CLASS: Saturday, May 20 from 2:00-4:00PMFirst-time students are always welcome. Every student receives individual attention.

  • Our everyday, common sense self defense training provides you with the knowledge and specific training to recognize and avoid threatening people and today's common assault situations and, if you still find yourself confronted by a threatening person, escape the encounter. Your most important weapon is your brain so we train your body and your brain.

  • We want you to be relaxed and confident when you learn so we put you at ease with encouraging instruction that's paced for beginners, and our attack scenarios will complement self defense training you may already have. Our physical techniques are easy to remember, simple to do, effective against a larger person and usable by average people —and you’ll practice them against a padded instructor. You can do this. The classes are held only at Kreimer's Karate Institute, one of Frederick's longest-running martial arts schools.  

  • The price for a two hour class is $35.

  • Some of our former students have told us that since taking our training they notice people and what they're doing--things that had escaped their attention before they trained with us.

See the Word2TheWise  blog for a student review of our training: "This is about doing something for yourself, something that could someday save YOUR LIFE."

Athena Women will donate 5% of your course fee to the Heartly House. "Heartly House is the only organization in Frederick County, Maryland that provides comprehensive services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse." Help others while helping yourself. Win-win.

You are on the left in the picture below. The "thug" on the right is trying to distract you into a conversation and is walking directly toward you in a parking area. He's already closer than you're comfortable with. Should you run? Attack him? Try to scratch him with your car keys? Fight back when he attacks you? Come in and train for this common attack situation.

The number one crime deterrent is the presence of uniformed law enforcement officers. Athena Women backs the Blue.

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." -- St. Francis of Assisi