You will drill this counterattack...

What Succeeding With A Padded Instructor Feels Like

Here are the lesson plans for our beginner classes that will resume in the Fall:

  • Defending Your Personal Bubble.  Learn basic fight craft and how to avoid the devastating sucker punch (a common beginning to robberies) and counterattack on your feet.

  • Escaping Frontal Attacks. Basics and counterattacks for an assailant who suddenly gets close to you; learn counters for wrist grabs, choke, and being pinned with your back against a wall or your car.

  • You've Got Your Back. Basics and escapes from attacks from behind you--hair pull, chokes, wrist grabs, being pinned facing against a wall or your car.

  • Defending Yourself From The Ground Up. Learn how to minimize injury during a fall if you're knocked down and how to get out from under an attacker and back to your feet safely and flee; basics.

  • Watch Your Six. Learn how to defend against pushes and grabs, escape from bear hugs, and tactic for escaping from multiple attackers; basic fight craft.

ALL classes include instruction and scenario training on awareness, as well as basic fighting and defense concepts. Together with our available 90 page Athena Women Course Manual & Personal Self Protection Guide, we know of no other women's short self defense course as comprehensive as Athena Women at Kreimer's Karate.

...a palm strike to attacker's solar plexus (vulnerable bundle of nerves).

It happens with all our students. You begin by learning and practicing kicks and palm, elbow and knee strikes on a heavy bag, a Body Opponent Bag and a large pad held by a training partner. Then--at your pace--we introduce you to our padded instructor. He slowly approaches and you throw your first strike. Success!  Then he reacts to being hit the way an untrained assailant would: He puts up his hands, steps back or moves forward and starts to counterpunch. This is completely different from hitting a pad. You look at him...and the natural reaction is to freeze (known as negative panic).

Everybody does it; you will, too. Where do I hit now? Should I use my feet? Elbows? Hands? Or should I cover-up block? Seconds pass. In real life those seconds would likely translate into injuries and an ambulance ride for you.

Because of this training you make a quantum leap in skills and confidence: You learn to choose from moving targets, and how to make your feet, knees, hands and elbows work together. Now you're learning how to fight back. 

Trying to learn how to fight back without actually fighting back against our padded instructor would be like trying to learn how to play tennis without picking up a racket.

The sucker punch is one of the most common--and devastating--first strikes during an assault. It is also virtually impossible to block so you must act before an assailant throws this punch. We provide mental and physical training to help you avoid getting sucker punched.

Student executing kick to the knee--realistic training not possible without our padded suit.

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Women's Self Defense Classes in Frederick

WDVM-TV visited us and aired a segment on our training. Watch it HERE. 

CLICK HERE for reviews of this course, including by a law enforcement officer.



  • Comfortable workout clothing that will allow you freedom of movement. (Because you will do both standing and ground techniques, you might prefer long clothing for your arms and legs for the ground work and have short sleeves and shorts underneath that you can switch to in order to keep cooler for punching and kicking drills.)
  • We have locker rooms where you can change (bring a padlock if you wish).
  • While training at Kreimer’s Karate Institute you will be barefoot.
  • You will be able to wear eyeglasses during most of your training.
  • Enthusiasm!

Please do not wear:

  • Jewelry, except plain wedding band.
  • If you have items not removable we will let you know whether you can safely practice with a training partner or striking pads.
  • Long fingernails: You will be striking pads and practicing with others.

We are now on our Summer Saturdays class schedule, finishing existing Athena Women students only.

Please check back for beginner classes this Fall.

(Kreimer's Karate classes continue throughout the Summer.)

Contact Scott for private lessons on weekday mornings.

I can also be found on Thumbtack under Private Self Defense Lessons.

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Benefits Of Athena Women Training:

Experienced instructors focused on student goals

Mental and physical preparation to survive threatening situations

Scenario training to counter common attacks, including basic fight craft.

Endorsed by Law Enforcement Officers

Challenging but not overwhelming training with our Athena Women padded instructor

You Don't Need To Be An SME. You Just Need Training.

Most women’s self defense classes have been phased out by nearby martial arts schools. I think one of the reasons for the lack of interest in short self defense training is today's emphasis on specialization in practically everything--you're not "qualified" unless you're a certified expert. We’ve even coined a term for people who understand a particular niche: Subject Matter Expert, or SME. Part of this problem may be due to the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts, characterized by contestants who have trained in a broad array of fighting skills. It’s enough to discourage (frighten!) the average person who just wants to learn basic self

Unfortunately, the specialization paradigm has spread to some people’s ideas about defending themselves--it's just too difficult, a waste of your time to even try. That's a tragedy because you do not need to become a multiple black belt professional fighter to have a plan for handling threatening situations. Let’s unravel this.

Firstly, self defense isn’t about “winning” against an opponent. Self defense is about awareness, avoidance, survival and escape with minimum damage when confronted by a thug while exiting your car.

Secondly, you’re not training to meet a disciplined person who’s practiced for years in multiple fighting arts. Fighters are not muggers. Your Threat is an undisciplined miscreant who has limited abilities—persuasion, distraction and jumping you from behind or sucker punching you. (See our
BLOG page for a news video of the common sucker punch to get an idea of how devastating it is; we will train you to thwart this.)

When you train with Athena Women you will learn through actual practice awareness, avoidance, survival and escape skills against common attacks.

See you in class,